party 2 July 2005 in Santa Monica
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Muggin' for the camera!
Turning the tables!

Having a blast!
Good to see you again!
Is that a camera?
Chillin' in Santa Monica!

Birthday cake time!
Soda time!
Take one...

Take two...
Take three!
Surveying the gang.
Woo hoo!

We miss our Lemon.
So we say hi.
And make a Lemonface!
Discussing the biz.

Who let those socks in here?
Another shout-out.
Keith and Bon.
Anything in my teeth?

Um. Something in YOUR teeth!
A little closer!
There's that sock lady again!
I didn't see those socks!

Did the socks go over there?
Don't listen to Keith!
Cool car.
Friends forever!

No socks over here, either.
Watch out, camera girl!
Ooh! A game is on!
Silly gals.

Now, listen here, BFF.
Hurry back!
Where it all began, of course.
Huge thanks to for all the great photos!

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