Den Din 2002
Thanks, Eric & Val. It was a BLAST!

Jim and the Ugly Cam
Early Arrivals
Anna, Robert, and Eric
Robert, Eric, and Bon
I Have NO Idea What This Is...
Barry and the McCarthys Arrive
Yup. Kyle Drinks Milk!
Walter's Clown Painting
Bon and Devin
Cindy, Alison, Debra, Mike, and the Newbies!
More of the Newbies
(Really, I love y'all... just don't recall your names!)
More of the Den Din
Grr... Scary Snake!
Queen Dea!
Devin Is Almost Seven
Alison Is Reaching...
More of the Den Din...
Still More of Dinner
Hillary with Robert Amico
Why all the Hands Up?
Still More of the Den Din
Walter, Jim, and Alison
Yes... More Den Din
Yup. Here's More.
Sagittarius B'Day Cakes!
Eric Counting Money
Doug and Anna
Val in the Holiday Lights
Val and Walter
Pff. Forget Ugly Cam. It's the RANDOM CAM!
Jim, Devin, and Alison
Bon and Billy
Deb, Val, Bon... and the "Ladies."
Yep. It's True... Dea Got the Troll Ring!

Great Time, Everyone!
See You Next Time!
Woo Hoo!