Enjoy these photos of friends
Celebrating the birth of Val Fee

July 6th, at the home of Debra McCarthy

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Knighting Val:
Knighting Val
King Sterling
Sterling and Val
More Knighting
The Belt

Sterling, Doug
Jim, Mike, Brad
Surprising Val
Val, Barry
Val, Fabiana
Sterling and the Bird
Paul, Jim, Madison, Nick
Allison and Nick
Happy Birthday, Val!
Val's Cake

Baby Shots:
Debra, Barry, JohnAngelo
Cindy, Allison, JohnAngelo
Showing off JohnAngelo
Barry, JohnAngelo
Val, Madison
Fabiana, JohnAngelo
Bon, Fabiana, JohnAngelo
Bon, Madison
Madison, Keith
Walter, JohnAngelo

Group Shots:
A fuzzy group photo
Bird in the Group
Party People
Let's have cake!
Group Photo by Nick
Group Photo by Dick

Deb's Shots:
Early Munchies
Bon, Fabiana, JohnAngelo
One Last Group Shot