Wolfesden Dinner
December 16, 2003
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Doug, Alison, Eric, Cindy
Eric, Cindy, Keith
Doug, Amy, Alison
Keith & Hillary

Colleen, David, Aleta
Devin, Sterling, Doug
Hillary & Bonnie
Keith, Ashley, Colleen
Eitan, Jeana, Hillary

David, Bill, Eitan, Jeana, Hillary
Amy, Debra, Eric, Cindy
Kyle, Richard, Tracy, Karen, Nick, Brad
Val, Nick, Kyle, Ashley
Ashley, Pamela, Colleen

Richard, Tracy, Karen
JohnAngelo & Barry
Alison & JD
Sterling & Dea
Alison & JD, Take Two!

Evil Eitan
Keith & Colleen
Robert, Eric, Cindy
Billy, Amy, Alison, JD
Colleen, Pamela, David

Tracy, Karen, Nick, Val
Billy, Dea, Richard
Subhash & Kathi
Nick, Val, Tatiana
Billy & Dea

Debra & Ashley
David & Aleta
Keith & Bill
Den Din 2003
Colleen & Pamela

Jeana & Hillary
Who's Kissing Nick??
Richard & Bonnie
Robert & Belinda
Robert, Belinda, Eric, Cindy

Billy, Dea, Richard, Tracy, Karen
More Meat for Val!
Subhash Selects a Cut
Now, that's some meat!

Den Din 2003
Den Din 2003
Eric, Sterling, Fawnda
Nick, Bonnie, Ashley, Eric, Fawnda, Sterling
Dalt's Gang!

Checking for lovebites?
Showing off lovebites?
Belinda, Laura, Eric
Laura & Eric

Who's got the meat?
Bill's got the meat!
Hillary & Karen
Here's how the toy works.

Robert, Cindy, Tracy
A big laugh!
Whose hands?
Amy, Laura, Fawnda
What are they talking about?

Whose attire?
Who's wearing the spider now?
Keith & Belinda
Debra & Sterling
Jenny McCarthy?

Eitan's lonely without his evil 'stache!
Kathi & Richard
75 pics? Must be time to go!

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