Self-Management for Actors
Book Release Party

October 24, 2003

Ashley & Colleen
Mike as seen by Madison
Bill & Bonnie
Bill Lipp

Uncle Bob in the family way
Bon, Uncle Bob, Aunt Diana, Keith
Bon & Keith
Listening to Keith

Barry & JohnAngelo
Bonnie & Selma

Listening in
Bonnie & Joel
Bonnie & Michael

The party continues.
Chris & Stephanie
Claire & Tom
Colleen & Mike

Debra & Colleen
Bonnie & Maria
Bon, Pam, Col, Deb, Mike
Etta, Gabe, Tom

Etta & Gabe
Deidre, Mary, Bonnie, Vida
Bonnie & Kerry
Making a drink.

Aunt Diana & Uncle Bob
Deidre, Mary, Vida
Debra & Bon
Chris drinks

The Harley Gang
Jonna, Bonnie, Deidre
Pamela & Colleen

Keith & Claire
Jonna, Bonnie, Pixie
Joanna & Claire
Bill, Tara, Pam, Rob

Kevin & Jonna
Kevin, Bonnie, Anthony
Kris, Claire, Stephon

Here's the toast.
Linda, Bonnie, Scott
Madison picking up PPGs
Maddie & Ashley

Ashley, Colleen, Mike
Michael, Mitchell, Chris
Michelle & Kevin
Maddie wants it!

Mike and Madison
Raising the glasses
Gang of crazies!
Maddie on Mike

Barry, JA, Fabiana
Mike, Bonnie, Chris
Pamela & Bonnie
Marvin & Madison

More PPGs on Marvin
Introductions from the Carvers
Pamela, Colleen, Mike

Rich & Moni
Selma, Moni, Rich
Stephon & Bonnie
Steve & Keith

Barry, JohnAngelo, Fabiana
Mike & Rose
Debra, Bonnie, Maria

Tom, Deidre, Mary, Vida
Keith finishes the toast!

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