Christmas Dinner, 2003
Chez Dick & Tracy

Dick does magic with the napkins.
Dick shows off Tracy's BEST pic!
It's all about where you stand in line for the food!!

Nothing like taking a pic of a pic of a pic of a pic!
Eric in waiting...
Pops gets some peppers!

Tracy was going to be a palm reader...
Tracy & Mike

Rose brought gelt!
The obligatory dad photo.
Shelley's ready to play!

There must be a good one in here somewhere!
Karen and Rose survey the damage.
Eric loves this game!

No, really! You know this guy!
Ack! Not another animated character!!
Eitan is pensive.

Eric kisses Bon!
Waaaaay too many cups!
Who loves you, baby?

Shelley & Dick
Karen explains the rules... AGAIN!
Eitan finds that funny.

Karen knows this one!
Eitan is a ringer!
Dick totally does NOT agree!

Karen & Shelley... really.
Bon & Eitan
Crazy-eyed Mike

Rose calls Canter's.
Bon & Karen

Shelley's on a roll!
Not from the party... but on the same "roll" of digital film... --->
Archie eats the computer.

Archie OWNS the computer.
The pink bubble house off Gower.
Bon's future car.

Salema is so sexy!
Salema on TV!
Archie says, "Forget the food dish!!"

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