4 July 2004
Celebration at the McCarthy Home
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There's the spread!
Aww... I want one!
Dancing w/ Maddie

Keith helping in the kitchen
warm lap...
...sleeping kitties
and Maddie piling on!

Fast friends Elle & Maddie
Who's got you, kitty?
I think the kitty has Bob!

Keith at the party
Hosts enjoying the day.
Elle samples a berry.
And a carrot.

Oreo naps with Homer and Aleta.
Amy shares a photo.
Time to decorate Eitan!

Amy checking the results.
Debra and Keith laughing at it all.
Bob is satisfied!
BREAKFAST of champions!

Rachel doesn't approve!
Ha! Debra pokes fun at Mike. He loves it!
Rachel's enjoying this.
Amy is too!

Well hello, kitty!
Madison and Elle
Rachel & Bon
More Maddie and Elle

Debra & Keith
Eric, Homer, Aleta sharing stories.
Sleeping kitty.
I think I'll call her Thwok!

Jordan & Ashley
Debra & Mike
Keith & Bob
Debra & Eric

Hammock time!
Eitan makes a call.
We love it here!
Bob observes.

Evil Eitan!
From another angle.
Eitan, decorated.

Madison loves Rachel!
And we all love a laugh!
So it's called "fetish modeling," eh?
Love that dirty bird!

More show and tell!
Eric, Homer, Aleta, Debra... swaping tales.
Eric & Aleta

Uh-oh... First casualty!
Amy and Eitan... is he STILL on the phone?
Found good lawn for fireworks!
Can't keep these girls apart!

Silly lap time!
After pulling off the BEST joke in history!!!!!
Awww. Bon and Eric!
Oooooh! Ahhhhhh!

Rachel and Maddie
Yep... sure enough, they are NOT the same person.
Tara and Eitan mugging it up.
Aw! Eitara!

I love this joke! Y'all rock!
Adrienne, Amy, and Chris!
Uh-oh. Look what happened!
Yep. Wet-butts!

Ash & Brad
Tara, Bill, Eitan
Deb & Bon
Better make sure this phone works... in case we lose Bon.

I love to lick my sis!
Taking a break between fireworks.
Amy & Chris, leanin' in!
Oooooh! Ahhhhhh!

Evil Ash?
Eric, Deb, Mike... such good friends!
Bill & Eitan
Bob & Deb (worth the trip!)

Maddie's got a great view!
Plotting the next big joke? I hope so! Classic!!
Time to go home yet?
This Photo Removed By Request!

Maddie's got a buddy!
Bill explains the Celebrity Game!
Oh, this is fun.
More than a buddy... an accomplice!

Kitchen talk.
Oh, no she did NOT!
Getting late, y'all.
Really. This game!

Oh. My.
Back to the game.
I love it here!
More coffee talk!

Almost time for bed?
Almost. One more laugh.
Ash's turn at Celebrity.
Tara's turn. Okay; two more laughs then!

Thanks again to the McCarthy Family for another great party!!
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