Atlanta, GA--February 2004
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Host of Hotel Summergrove: Dad!
Our Hostess: SM (Susan)!
Look at Kelley's ring!!
Okay, seriously now.

Kelley & Mark
Kelley & Brian
Former roommates Kelley & Bon
Kell & Bon, together again

Bon & Andrea
WUOG alumni!
You are now entering the 50th Anniversary Zone.


Bon, Carolynann, Lance, Cheri, & Carrina

Welcome, friends!
Welcomes from the couple.

50 years ago...
Rodney & Carolynann
Our youngest guest.

Jane, W.L., & Bon
Happy hugs
Kiss hello

Hi friends
Kelly & Chris
Kids' area!!

Happy balloons
So good to see you!
Listening in.

Oh, yes! I remember.
Hi again
Old friends

June & Martha hug.
What was that?
Hello, Steve!
Steve--happy first-born

Saying hello
Kids line up for food.
Bon & Packit
Old friends

Hugs for Joni
Pam & Maxine
Bullet, Martha, & Pam

Oh, yes!
Maxine says hello.
So good to see you!

There's that camera guy again!
Oh, there's the camera guy!
Bon & Liana

Joni, Liana, & Bon
Maxine, Joni, & Liana
Kristi & Bon

The blushing bride
Happy Maxine
Huddle up!

Speaking up
Chat, chat, chat
Cheri & Lance
Caught ya!

More talking
More and more talking
Bon & PapaBear

Kenneth, Bon, Justin, & Brenda

Kenneth & W.L.
Here's another story.

Hi, Aunt Heddy!
Kelly & Heddy

More Kelly & Heddy
More talking
June hears Art's story.
June tells Art a story.

Dan & June
Pimp-Daddy Tony flanked by Bon and Kristi
Gorgeous photos by Dale!

Bon, Toni, & Kristi
Oh, no, that photo guy!
Oh, sure!

Listening in
Young'uns and kids!
Art and W.L.

Carolynann & Heddy
Y'don't say!

Hugs hello.
Chatting outside Enjoying the pretty day

Bullet heads outside.
Listening to the stories
Oh, no!!
Justin leans in.

It was like this...
Laughter is happy!
A happy hug.
So glad to be here.

Liana & Bon outside
Cousins rule!
Hugs hello.

Pretty poses.
What a gorgeous group!

We're happy to be here!
Oh, who's here?
We must pose!
Thanks for coming.

Joni's oldest friends
Liana has something to say.

Kenneth caught in the lens
Reid and Brenda listen in.
No way! Bon, Kelly, & Kenneth
More stories outside

Kenneth shares a tale.
And then he films it all.
Bon & Art love the speech.
Let me tell you a thing or two.

Listening in...
Steve reads a presidential letter.
The family listens.
The crowd listens.

Oh, that got a laugh!
What makes a great marriage?
"It helps if she's a saint," Bullet said.

"I don't get to talk at home," he continued.
That's a great moment!
Bon, Art, & Glenda
We meet Bullet's buddy Scott.

Glenda & Joni
Departures begin... sadly.
Say bye, Bullet.

No, stay! C'mon!
Joni can convince you to stay.
W.L. and his lovely daughters: Carolynann & Kelly

That was a great toast!
I enjoyed it too.
I haven't seen some of these folks in so long!

Lance shares a story.
Mother & daughter
Oh, wait 'til you hear this one!

We're so happy to celebrate together.
Aunt Heddy shares a tale.
Bon & Kenneth catch up.

Heddy warns Brenda... Art says, "Nah, it's safe. Marry him!"
Kids find a place to play.
And play they do!

Did you hear that one?
Oh, thanks so much for coming.
What a great party!


Liana & Bon worn out after Chicken Foot
Keith intensely studies his next move.
Maxine & Bullet look over the photos and cards.
This will mean a LOT of thank you notes...


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