Trip to San Francisco/Speaking at San Francisco Indie Club
January 24th 2004
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San Francisco Indie Club: Sign In!
SF Indie Club members chat before the meeting begins.
resource table at SF Indie Club

a little pre-meeting schmoozing
SF Indie Club founder Glorinda Marie kicks off the meeting.
Bonnie Gillespie begins with introductions.

And the stories begin.
And continue.
And the grand gesture follows.

SF Indie Club members
Indie Club members listening in
But wait! There's more!

Another tale.
This one is about the guy with the camera.
Here's your type...

Well done, Bon! Thanks!!
More networking.
And then the touristy stuff begins.

SF Macy*s
Out with the Stellings at the Grand Hyatt.
Bonnie meets her match on the wharf!

Dave and Keith reunited.
Keith, Bon, Dave hanging out.

Boys of California...
Could we be siblings? Really?
What just happened, Dave?

Dave hoists Kodi.
No, really... she loves it!
What a gorgeous puppy!

Okay, please don't drop the dog on me!
Our favorite kitchy souvenir.
Salema still hasn't forgiven us.

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