Happy 50th Birthday Luau
January 10th 2004
In honor of Eric Halasz!
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Welcome Wagon: Bill & Sterling
Bill watches Hillary kiss Sterling.
Check in here! Alison, Debra, Ashley

Debra & Bon
Devin helps JohnAngelo select a lei.
JohnAngelo models his new outfit.

The birthday boy arrives!
Debra & Val receive roses.
Beffers sent this crab to Bon!

Eric & Ashley
Let the celebration begin!
Cindy's John DOES exist!

Tracy, Karen, Dick
Pamela and Bill calibrate their cameras.
Ah! There's the glitch! No memory card!

Tiny bubbles from Tegan
What's JohnAngelo reaching for there?
Ah! Tracy doesn't seem to mind!

Father and son
Toothy grin from JohnAngelo and dad
Eric receives some gifts from Dea and Billy.

Eric & Bon
Bill doesn't mind sitting over here!
Debra plays with the boys' hair!

Um... something R-Rated going on here!
Debra needed chocolate milk from Billy!
Group shot! The gang's all here. Really!

Let the roast begin!
Paul's brilliant poem
Taking it all in

Eric's speech
Tiki gifts!
Billy's on the sauce!

Yo, yo, yo! Aloha rap, boyyyys!

Val brings a friend to the party.
Gathering inside
Ready for the Celebrity Game?

Molinaros are ready!
Eitan & Hillary
We're ready to play!

Sterling is ready!
Bill begins.
Bonnie is shocked?

Not ALL photos are flattering!
Paul laughs at Bill.
Now Bon is REALLY shocked!

Or is she?
Yeah, Bill. He guessed THAT.
Jacob's turn

Braces are a clue for what?
Eitan doesn't get it.
Paul's turn

Uh... what's Paul doing?
Sterling, Belinda, and Bill love it, whatever it is!
Look, over there!

Hulk angry!
One word
Hillary composes her thoughts.

What is Hillary doing?
Morgan is transfixed.
Sterling's turn

Sterling leans into it.
Eitan's turn
Debra is feeling Bill up!

And putting him back together again.
Belinda knows "homeless" was a perfect clue!
Val whips those glasses OFF!

Two words
"Oh, God, please let my team get this one right!"
It's itchy right here!

And it's THIS tall.
No, it's THIS long!
Remember, guys, the guest of honor always wins! XXOO

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