Assorted Dalt's Gang Activities
Mostly involving McCarthy family members.
Summer 2004

Gabe is Spock!
See? With Etta and Denise...
...and always in character.
Deb and Bon lick it up.

Ash, Keith, and Deb
Kisses at Dan Tana's
Keith and Debra
Debra and Bonnie

Bon loves her Bob!
Bob flanked by the...
Bob pulls Ash in...

Better use two hands...
Ah, I'll just go around the other side.
Ash, Keith, Deb, Bon, and Bob at Dan Tana's for Ash's 18th b'day.
Keith with the McCarthy gals.

Ash gets her cake.
For me?
Make a wish!
Hanging out with Eric.

And with Thwok.
The Dalt's Gang Sketch Artists' first meeting.
And Eric... thanks, Shon!

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