Oscar Party, 29 February 2004
Hosted by the fabulous McCarthy family.
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Debra's tribute to the Oscars
John's here again!!
Rose checks the score.

Jeana's ready for the event.
Bill lands a plate.
Billy watching the arrivals.

Kathi plotting her big win.
Laura joins in.
Sterling surveys the scene.
Tracy & Richard

You've GOT to be kidding!
Val & Sterling peeking down.

Ooh! Berries!
Cozy by the fire.
Jeana & Laura

Future winner Kathi
Bon grabs Kathi.
Cindy's showing us something...
Sis! Debra & Bon

And the LADIES.
That made Dick laugh.
Queen Belinda?
Val thinks so.

Rose is on a winning streak.
Keith & Kathi
Laura & Queen Val
Dick & Queen Tracy

Eric is berry happy!
Val in Sterling's lap?
Jeana & Eric

Laura listens in.
Sterling & Tracy
Val, Sterling, & Tracy

Madison loves the Oscars!
Dea's picks are duds.

Bon & Kathi
Val & Sterling
Wayne emerges from the lab.

Val wants that money!
Eitan's not letting it go.
Booby prize for Dea!
Big win for Kathi.

Ooh... hello puppies!
Kathi shows off.
Billy loves it!

Dea & Eric
Kathi draws a winner.
Bon explains the Celebrity Game.
Exit, Uncle Bob!

Eric & Dea
Belinda & Laura
More explanations
Yeah, I get it. Let's start!

A few good-byes in the kitchen.
Daughter & Dad
Bye, Belinda!

Ash warns Mom this may be...
...a silly idea. Eh, who cares! It's the D-Crew!
Hey, Bill likes that!

Oh yeah, we love the ladies!
Eric shows his ladies too.
Oh, these silly people!

Gearing up for the first round.
Eitan the timekeeper
Rose begins.

No, the clue is ME!
Laura's turn

Okay, kids, get ready!
Ashley's turn
We're doing very well!
Uh, oh... who is THAT?

Is this a clue?
Oh, man... I know this one.
It's like this, gang.
C'mon! Why can't you get this?

I have no faith.
Fishing? Driving? Uh...
Whatever it is, it's funny!

Hm. I have no idea.
Please, God, help me!
Thanks, McCarthys, for another
wonderful party! XXOO

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