JohnAngelo's 2nd Birthday Party!!
Please note: these are out of chronological order and from three sources.
If I get around to putting them in order, I'll remove this message.
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Bob snaps Val snapping Bob...
...and Val snaps Bob snapping Val.
Val and Laura hanging out

Catching up with Barry
Hugs for Quinn from Auntie Val
Sterling's new hat

A wink from Eric
Posing for Val now
Quinn with the ladies of Studio Talent Group

Quinn has chips with Tracy.
Nice hat, Quinn!
Quinn loves Aunt Cindy!

Keith, Quinn, and Bon at the party
Sterling models the new hat again.
Here comes dad!

Here comes Uncle Bob!
Tracy and Sterling leaning in.
Tracy laughing

Studio Talent in the house!
Sterling and Eric relaxing
Hi, Rose!

Here she comes!
Quinn checking out the presents
Quinn and JohnAngelo

Another pose
Quinn in JohnAngelo's cool tent
Fabiana and JohnAngelo

Morgan shows the clothes.
Morgan supervises...
...and then does some hula-hooping.

Laura's ready to tap!
Jeanie shows where Morgan learned the hoop!
Fabiana and JohnAngelo open Quinn's gift.

Playing around
JohnAngelo with Sterling
JohnAngelo with his new tent

Cool! For the new room!
JohnAngelo really likes the monster truck.
Cool cake!

JohnAngelo eating Quinn's chair
Hugs from dad
Climing up!

There, there, dad. It's okay!
Keith intimidates!
Group shot at the end of the day

Mom helps with the wrapping paper.
Cute Eric and Rose
Love that pose!

Eric is ready for cake.
More hugging
More clothes

Bon talking
And listening
And arriving (yes, these are out of order).

Aunt Diana supervises too!
Aunt Cindy and Quinn again...
...more hugs.

Ariel and Bon...
...talking shop!
Alison and JD

JohnAngelo looking up at Rose
Another group shot
Dr. Paul's happy burger

Catching up...

Phil and Kathy out of the office.
Morgan makes sure the cake's okay.
Ready to light it up?

Clean plate club!
Time for fire!
More hugs.

How about some soda?
Blow, JohnAngelo!
Mom is happy.

Bon and Quinn having lunch.
Barry's good burger
Alison and JD

Hiya, Uncle Bob!
Morgan and Jeanie listening
A twist from Eric...'s the front view.
More love from Aunt Cindy
Time for Barry to relax.

Sterling and Phil sharing ideas
Back to the cake.
What does JA call Val? Gramma Val, of course!

Playtime with Cindy
And one last hug.

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Thanks to Val and Uncle Bob for some of these great photos!