Quinn at Sea World, 2004
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Quinn at the Long Beach SlugBug
Early morning nap
Breakfast with Shamu!

Aunt Liz catching some great shots.
Bon, Quinn, Keith... ready to go!
Up-close with Shamu

Safari Dad!
Here they come!
That was fun!

Wave to dad!
Time for the dolphin show...
...great trainers!

Cool shark!
Brandt, Adam, and Hunter watching...
...Dad and Quinn watching baby sharks

Ooh, that's a good one!
Quinn and Brooklyn love the sharks!

Underneath a biggie
We like the tunnel under the sharks!
Look at all those flamingoes!

One leg at a time.
Riding Shamu
Shamu jumping

Shamu on the landing...
...and making a dismount.
Time to ride to the sky!

Hunter and Linda are ready too!
Adam look at what Quinn's pointing out!
Now he sees it!

After learning it's time to go home.
Sea World + Bon = Sunburn. Ouch!

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