Quinn on the Town, 2004
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Adam, Hunter, Quinn...
...checking out the Subway map
Quinn on a mini-car

We are here!
Waiting for the subway train
Ready to board

We're on the road!
Exiting the subway...
...and ready to see Harry Potter at Mann's!

Look what they did to the ArcLight!
They covered it for...
...Shrek 2!

Gotta love Hollywood!
Quinn's enjoying the ride.
So are Hunter and Adam.

But we're getting a little hungry.
Aunt Liz gets gas and heads to...

Quinn and Adam go for a ride!

Woo hoo!
Hi, Dad!
Quinn & Keith at the Hollywood sign

More posing on the hill
Adam and Quinn at the sign
Quinn atop an engine

Going higher
Enjoying the view

Posing with Adam
Ooh... inside!
Hey, Aunt Liz! Over here!

Hunter's driving now!
Yay, Quinn!
What's this thing do?

Let's find out!
Climbing down
Waving from within

Where's the mini-train?
Here it comes!
Hi, Quinn! Nice train!

Going for a ride...
...through the tunnel...
...looking around...

...RR crossing
Cool dudes!
Another train with Aunt Liz

Here we go!
Another pose
Another wave

Love those trains!
So much fun!

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