Christmas Eve Eve 2004

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Thanks to the McCarthy family for opening their NEW home to us.

Maddie welcomes the gang.
Bon, Maddie, Rob
Eric and Debra

Eric, Madison, Deb
Lindsays by the fire
Eric and Debra chat.
Rose arrives.

Kathi and Debra
Bon and Weston
Bon, Deb, Kathi
Bonnie and Kathi

Yes... she went too red.
Scream queen returns!
Weston chats with Kathi.
This is Thwok's brother!

Look how big he is!
See, Thwok? Remember him?
Whatcha got, Maddie?
Oh, my!

Happy gals
Rob and Deb discuss things.
Rose tells Eric a story.
Keith tells Marc a thing or two.

Marc and Keith share a laugh.
Kathi and Weston
Oh, that's funny!
Maddie and Weston

Aren't they sweet?
Hug that gal!
Eric and some McCarthy kids
Rose, Maddie, Eric, Sean

Look at that spread!
No, really!
What's inside?
Ooh! It's a Hello Kitty toaster!

And a coffee maker!
Here's how that works.
We had to try the toaster.
And wear the box.

Okay, this toast rocks!
Right, Kathi?
Yes, Bon... yummy.

Rose, Eric, Ashley
Eat it up!!
Ashley tells tales from the set.
Debra and Robin... so lovely.

Madison joins the ladies.
Time to put the angel on the tree.
No, I'm not too old for this!
Kiss for daddy!

Too much fun for Keith...
...and Madison and Aleta.
Everybody sleep!
That's funny!

More sleeping beauties.
How long before Mike hits me?
Marc's not sure what Rob's up to.
She's smoking? What?

Ash's turn at Celebrity.
Who could that be?
And that?
Last round, right?

What's that, Marc?
Ooh... and that?
The aftermath!
Kiss goodbye from Kathi.

Ash has a wardrobe change.
Ooh, that was funny!
The gang is loving this.

Wrappin' up.
G'nite, Ash
Let mom tuck you in.

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