Acting Qs Proofer Patrol Party
11 May 2005 at Ye Olde King's Head Pub
Santa Monica, CA
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He brought us together!
Rose Auerbach, Subhash Mandal, Eric Halasz
Keith Johnson and Denise Winsor
Blake and Julie listening in.

The blue lines are here!
Like Christmas morning!
Gorgeous cover!
Julie O'Malley and the gang.

Subhash and the gang.
Eric, Denise, and Bon
Rose knows darts!
Eric is loving it!

Co-authors Bonnie Gillespie and Blake Robbins
I only drooled over TES one time!
Blake explaining his initial idea for the book.
Blake and Julie, new proofer buddies!

Subhash loves happy hour!
Julie, Keith, and Rose
Eric, Denise, and Bon
Julie, Keith, and Rose again

Great night, baby!
Keith with the LAYDEEZ
Denise and Rose
Keith, Julie, and Denise

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Proofer Patrol members with us in spirit: Robin Gwynne, Suesie Toole, Jeannine Burkart, Ali Sowels, Hannah Knudsen, Lisa Winston, Chip Woods, Debra McCarthy, Laura Lock, Katy Ruzicka, Courtney Denney, Cliff Jones, and Karen Robbins.