Shon and Keith are 80!
4 March 2006
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Chairman plays Atari.
Shon eats Pop Rocks.
Hello, boys!
Robin is totally '80s!

Have a nice day!

Atari time.
Kim and Colleen.
Coco, Bon, Nelson, & Al.

Chatting with Lucy.
Liz in blue eyeshadow.
Lik-m-Stix for all!

Bon, Kim, & Jodi.
Delora, Dennis, & Lissa.
Debra and Adam.

Scott and Shon.
Kitchen talk.
Yes, that's a plate of Pop Tarts!
Gabe and Etta.

Jodi lights the candles.
Here comes the cake!
It's burger time!
Make wishes!

Happy 80th, boys!
Party on!
Lucy holds court.
Like, so rad!

Bon and Kristina.
Gabe and Etta.
Fur shure!
Marc arrives.

Caughtcha chatting.
Bad '80s pose.
Michelle, Sarah, Peter, & Bon.
Ryan and Bon.

Big '80s hug!
Like, omigod!
Bon, Anna, Katharine, Jodi, & Robin.
Pong action, baby!

Fingernail decals!
Red vines, Lik-m-stix!
Liz and Wiyatta with Loren, Lucy, and Sasha.
Lucy's building stuff!

Chatting with friends.
Supporting her man's run for Atari champ!
Liz's Air Jordans.

Jodi shooting up.
More chat.
That's a Bartles & James, baby!
Shon's cool earring.

Catching up.
Liz, Bon, Rob, Jeana, Shon, Scott.
Group Shot!
Another group shot!

Abs of steel, baby!
Pamela and Rob.
TV time begins!
Shon with the remote.

Great party, y'all!
I see you two!
What's on TV?
It's Jodi on "That's So Raven," of course!

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