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Cricket Feet Publishing is a full-service entertainment industry-focused publishing company. Our services include Editing, Publishing, and Marketing (including arrangements for national distribution and fulfillment through SCB Distributors).

If you wish to submit your materials for consideration, please contact us via email so that we may let you know whether we are currently accepting submissions. Thanks!

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* Indexing: Full keyword and/or important name indexing for your entire manuscript
* Copy Editing: editing manuscript for grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and stylistic errors.
* Content Editing: minor editing for content, per agreement with author.
* Fact-Checking: for an additional fee, research on topic and editing as required.
* Comprehensive Resource Listing: for an additional fee, comprehensive resource list included as appendix.
Important Note: editorial services are contracted on a per-iteration basis. Author must deliver files electronically. One mid-phase editorial pass may be made on the hard copy after three weeks. Beyond that phase, additional fees for editorial services may be required.


* Typesetting: manuscript put into proper pre-printer format with appropriate headers, footers, chapter headings, and section divisions.
* ISBN: Cricket Feet Publishing has pre-purchased a block of ISBNs for Cricket Feet titles.
* Requests for Quotes and Printer Negotiations: we will negotiate with printers after receiving quotes for the print job, based on the specifications of your manuscript, finding you the most economical printing solution for your dollar.
* Bar Code: our designer will develop a scannable bar code to accompany your title's ISBN.
* Cover Design: for an additional fee, our graphic artist will develop your book's front cover, back cover, and spine.


* Review Copies: one of the most important elements of marketing a new book is providing free review copies (both in pre-publication and finished book form) to opinion-molders in the industry as well as media outlets.
* Cover Overruns: we will arrange for a certain number of cover overruns to be used for advertising purposes.
* Press Releases: both prior to publication and upon the official release of your title, a series of press releases will go out to opinion-molders in the industry as well as media outlets, in order to generate buzz for your new title. If applicable, we'll also promote your title to college professors as a course book.
* Book Signings: an author has a responsibility to participate in the active marketing of the book. Signings are a great way to get people to the stores and move those books out.
* Speaking Engagements: once your book begins selling, you will be contacted to participate in speaking engagements on the subject of your expertise. We can help with booking and scheduling, as well as curriculum.
* Online Sales and Promotion: your book should be a hit before it's even on the shelves. Online promotion and pre-sales are easy, affordable means of getting the buzz started.
* Testimonials: we will maintain a feedback forum for your title, allowing fans to share their experiences, therefore boosting word-of-mouth through testimonials.

Distribution and Fulfillment

* Bookstores: should your title be considered acceptable to our national distributor, your book will be in stores nationwide before its official publication date.
* Online Booksellers: SCB also makes sure that online booksellers have access to your title at a deep discount.
* Delivery and Verification: for the individual orders not made through bookstores or online booksellers, we will manage delivery. Additionally, we will share a monthly distribution report for your title so that you may track the progress of your sales.
* Storage: books not in stores or online warehouses will be stored in our distributor's facility in Gardena, California. Access to books after the first three days of delivery from the printer is granted for a fee.
* Returns and Damages: any books returned in poor condition due to damage during shipping or overstock will be retained by the distributor and deducted from the monthly sales, per industry standard.
* Rotation of Stock: when your next edition is on its way, we will make sure that there are no old editions remaining on the shelves of bookstores, which could keep the new edition from being stocked in a timely manner.
Important Note: every contract is negotiated on an individual basis and the terms of your particular agreement may differ from this general outline.

Are you thinking, "Hey! I could just publish my book myself," after reading this? We'd like to say, "You're dang skippy you could!" We highly recommend The Self-Publishing Manual for those of you do-it-yourselfers out there (like us)!

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